Near the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby settles or ‘drops’ into the mother’s pelvis in preparation for birth. This event is known as ‘dropping’ or lightening. This is one of the major signs that labor is approaching. Lightening can start a few weeks before labor begins, but for some women, it starts a few hours before labor. For some, it may never happen.

What happens if the baby does not drop into the pelvis?

Note: Lightening usually occurs in a first-time pregnancy whereas in subsequent pregnancies, the baby may not drop until labor has officially begun.

The two main reasons why some babies don’t drop into the pelvis is they either might be too big and may not be able to descend past the ischial spines, the narrowest part of the pelvis, or they are simply in the wrong position (in a breech position with head up and feet down or cross-wise). (Source) If your baby hasn’t dropped until 39th week, your doctor will probably schedule an ultrasound to assess the size of the baby and her position. If your doctor estimates that the baby is too large or is in a position that makes vaginal delivery difficult, she may schedule a Caesarean section.

However, if this is not the case, there are some light, non-strenuous exercises that you could do to encourage the dropping of the baby into the pelvis. Before practicing any of these, please, consult your doctor first to get her permission.

How To Get Your Baby To Drop Into Pelvis

1. Squatting – practicing squats during pregnancy can help widen the opening of the pelvis. It strengthens the legs and hips. But it can also help loosen the pelvic muscles.

2. Walking – you can start with a ten-minute walk and increase the time gradually. Walking (at a comfortable pace) in the last trimester helps ease the joints and relaxes the muscles.

3. Your position should be focused on your baby’s weight – for example when sitting, avoid crossing legs. Instead, keep knees apart, the body bent slightly forward, to allow for the belly to dangle down.

5. Try the effect of a Birthing Ball – only during the last few weeks of pregnancy!

6. Practice Pelvic Tilts – also a gentle way to encourage your baby to drop that strengthens the back muscles at the same time.

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Lightening is the medical name for the baby dropping lower into a woman’s pelvis during the late stages of pregnancy. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the baby can drop anytime during the last few weeks of pregnancy or the last few hours before labor begins.

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