The ancient sanskrit texts date back more than 10,000 years in India, yet offer a wisdom and insight as true today as ever.  These texts, part of the Vedic scriptures discuss what it means to be human, in essence what is the meaning of life.  Click on the article below to read more.

  • You will receive a body
    • A physical vessel through which your spirit can do work
  • You will learn lessons
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons
    • One of which is learning to forgive yourself if you did something that does not hold up to your ideals
    • And learn to forgive others if they don’t live up to ideals, afterall we are all struggling on this path of improvement
  • A lesson is repeated until it is learned
  • There is no better than here
    • “The grass is always greener on the other side”
    • Live in the present moment and appreciate where you are for the lessons it has to teach you
  • Others are really just mirrors of you
    • The qualities that we love or hate in others are those that we project on to them 
  • You are master of your life
    • You have a choice to use the tools and resources bestowed upon you to do with as you see fit
  • The answers lie inside you
    • All of life’s answers are inside of you,
    • The practice of meditation will help clear your mind to listen.

Being Human: 9 Ancient Rules To Follow For A Full Life

One of the questions that has puzzled the greatest minds in history is ‘What is the meaning of life?’. What is our true purpose on this earth, why are we here? Chances are you’ll get a different answer from almost every single person.