While there is a debate between psychologists whether we are born with our personality traits, or whether those traits are molded through childhood development, regardless parents have an impact.  Some psychologists are cautioning the fine line of building self-esteem in children is having the effect of also creating narcissistic children – narcissism is defined as an exaggerated version of self-esteem.

How?  Parents who are always praising their children and use comparisons that promote being better than other children rather than viewing children as equals and trying to be the “best you”.  A very insightful article.

Are You Raising A Narcissist Or A Child With High Self-Esteem?

Parents have the hardest job in the world. They are responsible for raising generations of people who would run the world. As the world is changing, the way people are raising their children is also changing. Our society plays a big role in the upbringing of small children. Social commentators[…..]