CBD oil has won a spot on the trendy health scene recently. Word has spread that it has a huge potential as a health-boosting compound similarly to Cannabis. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is derived from Cannabis. True. But is it just a myth that it brings the health benefits of cannabis? Yes and no.


Research has found CDB to:

Where Is the Problem Then?

Most products on the market that claim to contain CDB hardly contain any of it. The simple reason for that is CBD is a specific compound derived from cannabis and the latter is illegal. According to an announcement made by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), CBD falls in the same category and a CBD product is considered legal only if it contains .03% CBD or less. To ensure that they’re in compliance if and when the DEA makes this announcement an official policy, most manufacturers sell hemp oils or extracts with just a tiny amount—.3% or less—of CBD, and market it as CBD oil. The doses necessary to help reduce anxiety are between 800 and 1,200 mg daily. And the doses taken with marketed CBD products don’t even get close.

If we leave the issue with concentrations aside for a moment, CBD alone cannot offer the health benefits of cannabis. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids and other chemicals that work as a whole. At least it will not get you high, since it does not contain the active component THC, which is good! 

Though the perceived positive health effects of CBD oil might turn out to be merely the placebo effect, if you decide to try and believe it works for you, be sure to purchase your oil from a reputable company that discloses its ingredients.

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Can CBD Oil Really Bring You The Health Benefits Of Cannabis Without Getting You High?

Remember butter coffee-the drink that everyone went bonkers over a few years ago for its supposed ability to boost your mental clarity and turn you into a calorie-burning machine? There’s a new one of those on the trendy health scene. It’s CBD.

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