Curvaceous structure, organic shapes, natural materials. This amazing piece of art was created by Mumbai-based iStudio Architecture. The Brick House occupies 2,500 square feet and is located in rural Wada near Mumbai, India. It emerges like a flower from the ground, designed to gradually erase the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. It boasts abundant natural light due to large arched openings, features passive technologies and locally sourced materials – brick, stone, wood, bamboo, and ferro-concrete – that lower costs and give the house an earthy feel. Multiple openings in walls and ceilings allow for cross-ventilation, thus, keeping the interior cool despite the region’s hot climate.


Curvaceous Brick House uses passive cooling and local materials in India

Inspired by the works and philosophies of architect Laurie Baker and Nari Gandhi, the Brick House’s curvaceous form takes on the form of a plant that organically emerges from the ground and opens up to the sky. Multiple openings in the brick-and-stone walls and ceilings allow for cross-ventilation that keeps the interior cool despite the region’s hot and humid temperatures.

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