This page is dedicated to providing you with easy to follow Do It Yourself Homemade products.
At NaturaLiving we believe that the most sustainable practice is the ultimate in localized production… your home. Even well intentioned companies that produce natural organic products with biodegradable recycled packaging still have a high carbon footprint through the energy cost of producing the packaging, shipping and distribution, and sadly the packaging, even if it is biodegradable is generally thrown out and ends up in a landfill where it is unable to breakdown naturally.
Homemade is best! You will find that most of products you use in your daily life are easily made at home, are quick to make, and fun especially as you play around with the recipes to find your favorite. Most importantly, you understand all of the ingredients going into your homemade products.
Give some of these a try and if you have any suggestions of recipes or homemade DIY projects or products we would love to hear about them, drop us a line. 🙂