We are constantly running around, always in hurry, doing business, skipping meals, eating poor-quality food and…taking vitamins. But let’s not forget (we all know it and left it in the dusty corner of our busy minds) vitamins, even multivitamins, are merely supplements. They do not substitute a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. They are made to enhance your efforts to nourish a healthy body. And, sometimes, a balanced, varied, rich diet may render them nearly pointless. Nearly…because some vitamins aren’t bioavailable in the food you eat, so taking a vitamin pill could make sure that you’re getting your recommended intake. Also, If your diet is far from best, taking multivitamins could save you from deficiencies.

Can You Overdo It With Multivitamins?

With vitamins, more isn’t always better. Most vitamins don’t accumulate in the body. Your body will simply get rid of the excess vitamins with urine. But some fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and D  accumulate in your body. Too much vitamin A can increase your risk for osteoporosis, while too much vitamin D can cause damage to your kidneys and blood vessels. Always consult a doctor when you plan taking any vitamins and supplements.

How About Food-Based Multivitamins?

Food-based vitamins are natural vitamins made from powdered vegetables, fruits, and other natural compounds. They are priced higher than conventional vitamins that contain a synthetic form of the same vitamins. If you have a sensitive digestion, then food-based vitamins can be worth the investment. Or, of course, if you would prefer natural ingredients over lab-synthesized.

Other supplements you might consider taking

If you don’t spend enough time outside and don’t get enough sunlight, Vitamin D is one supplement you might want to consider. Fish oil capsules are important sources of omega-3 fatty acids that can help our brain to function optimally. Good probiotics could boost your immunity, improve your digestion and even help you lose weight.

Always consult your doctor when you plan taking any vitamins and supplements.

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