Perhaps we’ve suspected, perhaps we’ve always known, but didn’t want to face the fact that our beloved flip-flops are not good for walking in.  The most popular footwear in the world, the simplicity of flip-flops deceive many to think they are connecting us as close to walking barefoot as possible…DO NOT BE DECEIVED.  With the loose heal and the toe action required to keep the thong in place between our toes promotes an unnatural walking motion that places stress on our feet, ankles, and legs up to our hips and backs.

Fear not, we have a solution!  Huarache sandals!  The ultimate in minimalist, natural footwear that will make you forget about those flip-flops.  You can read about those below.

Doctors Advise Us Not To Wear Flip-Flops Anymore For These 5 Persuasive Reasons

The game is afoot and flip-flops have been banned from it! Yes! The easiest pair of footwear, that does not require bending down to tie or strap on, which comes in many pretty themes and colors, and is ideal for almost all occasions, may be one of the most dangerous[…..]

Hurray for Huaraches!

These minimalist barefoot sandals encourage natural walking motion the way our bodies intended.  Check out the article and Earth Runner’s below.