In this series, we will deconstruct what is happening to some of the major elements that make up our Earth: soil, air, oceans, and forests. The health of these massive and diverse ecosystems is of paramount importance to the survival of all living species – humans included. These ecosystems are the major factors that are preventing climate change from accelerating to a point of mass extinction. They are being strained as they try to protect us by acting as a counterbalance to our enormous discharges of pollution and carbon dioxide; without our help, they will eventually break.

Rather than enter another generic article into the climate change debate, these articles will focus on facts about our world’s major ecosystems as we unravel how healthy they truly are. We will use the power of science to provide irrefutable evidence that our actions are degrading our most important ecosystems, our best defence against the impacts of climate change. We will begin with oceans as over 70% of the world is covered by them yet very little is known.