Gate Residence in Cairo combines futuristic extravagant design with Passivhaus principles and sustainable energy technology to create a vertical, hyper-connected ecosystem. The goal of the project is to reduce energy use by 50%!

The roof of the building incorporates helical wind turbines and photovoltaic panels to produce electricity. Solar water-heating tubes will deliver hot water to kitchens and bathrooms throughout the complex. The design also features community gardens for leisure activities and for growing fresh produce. Plant-covered surfaces (walls and roof) will reduce Gate Residence temperatures by as much as five degrees Celsius. Gill-like façades on either end of the apartment blocks serve as sunshades. One of the core elements of the design – the series of nine “Megatree” – is a traditional Persian architectural element, known as “Malqaf, that channels wind downward to provide passive cooling (further supplanting the need for mechanical ventilation).

The construction has already started and is expected to take four years to complete.

Designed by Parisian firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Eco Architecture, Unlocked: The Gate Residence in Cairo – Eluxe Magazine

By Jody McCutcheon Egypt is famous for its pyramids, of course, and now a new architectural wonder is going up in Cairo ‘s Heliopolis District. But despite an extravagant appearance, it has some serious green sensibilities. In order to achieve a decreased carbon footprint, the sprawling, 450,000m2 multi-use complex seeks to exploit the region’s bioclimatic variables and also its renewable energy sources.