Europa City is a theme park project that binds together multiculturism, eco-friendliness with a variety of urban experiences, leisure activities and shopping. It is designed by Danish architect firm Bjarke Ingels Goup (BIG) and situated on eighty hectares of land in the Triangle de Gonesse between Charles de Gaulle Airport and downtown Paris.

The park will have six different thematical areas, each dedicated to a particular European district. It will be powered by solar, biofuel and geothermal energy sources. Green rooftops will absorb sunlight, produce oxygen, provide insulation, recycle and process rainwater for city use. The waste heat from retail buildings will be recycled to heat leisure spas; water will be reused for park irrigation. Transportation will be provided by bicycle and electric vehicles.

Expected completion date – around 2021.

Forget Disney: Europa City is Coming! – Eluxe Magazine

By Jody McCutcheon Ever wanted to take a whirlwind tour of Europe but didn’t have the time or money for travel? Europa City will offer you the next best thing. With generous nods to multiculturalism, eco-friendliness, leisure activities and shopping, Europa City essentially will be a European theme park, with six different areas, each thematically expressing a particular European district.