Plastic is durable… very durable.  In fact a plastic water bottle can take some 450 years to break down.  Americans alone contribute more than 260 million tons of trash a year, and our consumption consumer-driven economy is encouraging increasing this trash generation.  Disposable fashion, disposable tech, disposable fast food.  Unfortunately when plastic breaks down, it does not completely disappear, it is reduced to microbead size that is easily absorbed by plants and animals, and humans.  Small enough to be absorbed into the cells.  Plastic smog is the pollution that is under-published and just as impactful as climate change, and is undeniably human-caused.  Knowledge is power.

Here’s How Long Your Trash Will Hang Around After You’re Dead

Some things you toss in the trash will have a longer life span on this planet than you will ― and that’s not good news for the environment. Americans generated 258 million tons of trash in 2014, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.