Palm Oil is All Around Us – Be Aware

The most common vegetable oil in the world, Palm Oil can be found in nearly every personal care products such as soaps and shampoos, foods, and industrial applications.  Most palm oil is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia where some of the Earth’s last rainforests are being cleared at an alarming rate to make way for palm plantations, causing both release of carbon into the atmosphere, and reducing the habitats for many endangered species of animals, birds, and primates including Orangutans. 

What you can do

Consumer Power of the Dollar – Consumer Activitism

  • Do not buy products that use palm oil;
  • Request to your local marketplaces not to carry these products;
  • Spread awareness to your community of friends, family, and colleagues.


What’s Driving Deforestation: Palm Oil

Found in everything from shampoo to donuts, palm oil is now the most common vegetable oil in the world-and also one of the world’s leading deforestation drivers. Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree, Elaeis guineensis, which thrives in humid climates.

No, palm oil is not responsible for 40% of global deforestation

A little over a month ago, Indonesia’s Environment and Forestry Ministry sought to extend a moratorium on issuing new licenses for using forest and peatland in the country for two years.