It took 27 years to design to perfection and build this paragon of modern organic architecture. It is owned by Jay Doolittle who started building it in 1987. The Joshua Tree House – or Desert House as it’s been called – is a 4,643 square foot modern estate cuddled comfortably in Joshua Tree. It proudly sits atop a heap of boulders at the edge of Joshua Tree National Park and boasts amazing views of the surrounding desert.

“The whole idea of organic architecture is that you leave the site better off than you found it,” says Kellogg, the unusual home’s architect. And he definitely achieved that with the Joshua Tree House. It perfectly blends in with the environment and has all the hallmarks of architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg’s organic modern design. The interior designed by John Vugrin features organic forms and shapes throughout. The home has interior and exterior waterfalls, ponds and a spa. It is on the market for $3 Million.

Definitely a home with a character. An amazing piece of art with unique architecture and full of one-of-a-kind objects, handmade by Vugrin.

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The Paragon Of Modern Organic Architecture, Ken Kellogg’s Desert Home, Is On The Market for $3 Million. (60 Photos)

The Joshua Tree House – or Desert House as it’s been called – is owned by Jay Doolittle, who started building the house in 1987 with his wife, Bev. Completed in 1993, this 4,643 square foot modern estate tucked away in Joshua Tree has been carefully designed, elaborated upon, crafted and finessed for 27 years and is now on the market for the first time.

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