How about cooking on gas derived from your food scraps? Tackling both food waste and clean cooking in one? Israeli company HomeBiogas has developed a backyard biogas device – a simple completely off-grid device for turning kitchen scraps into fuel and fertilizer.

How it works

  1. The biogas device is located in the yard near the kitchen (up to 20 meters)
  2. A 1200-liter container is filled with water, “activated” with bacteria
  3. The user fills the digester tank with food scraps, garden waste, or animal manure on a daily basis
  4. Bacteria break down the organic matter, producing biogas. It is stored in a 700-liter storage tank.
  5. The biogas is used to power the stove in the kitchen

The device can produce up to 2 hours worth of cooking gas daily if properly fed and at optimal temperature. The appliance is also capable of producing up to 12 liters of organic liquid fertilizer each day.

homebiogas_how_it_worksImage Credit: HomeBiogas


Image Credit: HomeBiogas

You can find more information in this article:

HomeBiogas 2.0 Produces 3 Hours Of Cooking Gas Per Day From Kitchen Scraps

Clean Power One Israeli company has developed the next generation of what it believes to be a simple and effective device for turning kitchen scraps into fuel and fertilizer, thereby tackling both food waste and clean cooking in one fell swoop.

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