Waveform in Consciousness

Our potential as human and spiritual beings is often hindered by unconscious obstacles that we put in our way.  These obstacles are mind created reality, and become self-reinforcing and self-fulfilling.  Truly we are masters of our destiny makers of our fate. 

As we grow up and develop, our world view and our view about ourselves get shaped, molded, and hardened and becomes the filters through which we view the world and ourselves.  The longer we look through these filters, the more accumulated “evidence” is built-up reinforcing and strengthening those filters.  Our actions are subsequently a reflection of these viewpoints that have come to define us. 

Often a negative comment, perhaps nothing more than a innocuous statement someone made in passing, latched onto our subconscious and destroyed in a catastrophic way, or eroded and ate away at our current self viewpoint, with a rippling wave effect through the course of our lives, building and building into a wave.  In quantum mechanics terms, this is called a “wave collapse”.  Painful experiences in our past that have shaped the course of our lives are experiences that destroyed one possibility of life and introduced another.

The goal is to (1) identify through self-reflection the areas that hold you back from reaching your potential, (2) create NEW wave collapse to reset your ship on course.Remember that the truth is subjective and open to interpretation depending on your perspective, thus the goal is to change your perspective by considering a positive outcome.









Waveform collapse

Humans we tend to think in binary terms, positive/negative, good/evil, light/dark, black/white.  If we look however at quantum mechanics in physical theory, we get a much different perspective that we can use to shape our lives to a more positive future.

In quantum mechanics, a particle has within it infinite possibilities of potential called a “waveform” – a state of pure infinite potential.  However once the particle is observed, an event, the wave crashes into a single potential.  Using this as an analogy with you being the particle, you are riding a wave of infinite potential until some event, say a negative comment, crashes your wave and defines your potential, all other potentials fade away.

How to Free Yourself?

Look forward not back, realize that every new thought has infinite potential until you apply the filter to it.  Thereby, you have the conscious choice which potential that new thought will take.  That new thought is in a state of pure infinite potential.  Our thoughts affect our reality, shape our intentions, and focus our attention.  They direct our actions and produce the reactions.  Change your thoughts to change the outcomes. 



Free Yourself of Your Past

In order to free yourself from your past, you must recognize the destructive beliefs that are holding you back, accept that you have them, understand where they came from, forgive, and make an action plan to change those beliefs into productive.

An exercise in the following article asks you to create a table of your destructive beliefs using 5 columns titled Issue, Blame, Consequence, Opportunity, Fix.

In this table you identify your issues, who you blame for your having these issues, this is the wave collapse and is also where the healing begins with forgiveness.  This is process and requires a mindshift that perhaps the person did not intend to cause harm, and like everybody else, they are imperfect beings who make mistakes.  Thank them for offering you this valuable lesson from which you grow from.  

Next view the opportunities that would present themselves if you resolve this issue.  Lastly is your action plan how to fix these issues.  This is where the Quantum Leap in the next section can help.  Visualize the potential and it will manifest.

Letting Go of the Past: 5 Practices For Releasing Emotional Baggage and Hurt

In the following article, Briana and Peter Borten walk you through a powerful tool for how to forgive others and yourself by letting go of the past-a critical component to achieving The Well Life. That is, a full, happy, balanced, and gratifying life based around three principles-sweetness, structure and space.

Quantum Leap

So now that you understand how you became this “potential”, the step now is to intentionally become the potential you want to be, your heart tells you is your destiny.  Holding to the quantum mechanics framework, you need to take a quantum leap.  

The quantum leap is a two-step process to shift into another potential from your current one.  When you are in that state of infinite potential, visualize the result or state of being you desire, then apply the energy for this visualization to manifest.


Physicist Discovers Practical Method for Experiencing Quantum Reality Firsthand

Quantum superposition is a fundamental principle in quantum mechanics by which all possibilities for something in material form exist simultaneously in all possible particular states (or all possible configurations of its properties, which is clearly interconnected with the phenomena of quantum jumping)-but whenever measured or observed, the result corresponds to only one of those possible states or configurations.

The State of Flow

The last stage in this process is achieving a state of flow, without inhibitions or fear, just the easy and smooth flow of water.  Paradoxically, the more you try the less flow you have, you think and overthink things, focus your attention on minute details and not the overall.  Take golf for instance, if you visualize the ball flying in a rainbow arch to the green is flow, if you are focused on making a good hip rotation, or on-plane backswing, or proper weightshift, these thoughts are interfering with the overall flow.  The article below has good advise how to release into the flow and unlock your genius.

Unlocking Your Genius: How to Tap Into Flow States and Superhuman Intelligence

A further aspect of developing and expressing your genius is to increase your skill at getting into a flow state [editor’s note: flow states, widely popularized by researcher mihaly csikszentmihalyi, are states of heightened mental and intuitive awareness, creativity and performance characterized by the slowing of time, intense focus in the present moment and superhuman intelligence or physical ability, depending on the situation].

The Kingdom is Within

The inevitable question that comes up is what is the new potential that you want to realize?  Quantum leap to where?

That is the key of course.  And of course you want to leap into your true born potential.  The process involves nurturing your inner love and your destiny will manifest as natural result.  The article below uses the acorn principle in which you have innate potential encoded in your essence, versus being born as an empty container to be filled.  If you nurture that seed, it will grow into an oak tree.  This is the Law of Emergence.  Read more here.

Opening Yourself to Infinite Possibility: The Keys to Finding Your True Self

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a one-month-old baby in a yellow onesie with rabbits embroidered on it. The baby is sleeping, perhaps being cradled softly to someone’s chest. Hold that image in your mind and notice what you’re thinking about it. How do you feel toward this child?