One of the dreaded learning activities for parents, and also one of the most rewarding is training your little one how use a toilet.  This article provides a practical guide how to potty train your child.  This is just a summary.

  1. Start Potty Training at the “Right Time”
    • Generally children are ready between the ages of 2-3 years (for boys around 31 months, for girls about 29 months)
    • When they have gained some control over their bladder and have the physical coordination
  2. Watch for Cues from your Child
    • Children learn from imitating so if they are interested when you to the bathroom;
    • Seek independence “I can do it myself”
    • Wants to please and enjoys praise
    • Can communicate when they need to go to the bathroom
  3. Understand your Child’s Temperament
    • Know your child’s moods and time of day they are most amenable to learning new things
  4. Create a Potty Training Plan
    • Read toilet training books to them before you start 
    • Let your toddler get used to the potty chair by playing with it and getting familiar with it before using. 
    • Create a schedule and potty routine
    • Praise your child for trying to use the potty and when they use it successfully
  5. Stick to these Potty Training Do’s
    • Schedule time everyday for training
    • Be flexible with training, if your child is resistant, take a break.
    • Teach your toddler how to wipe properly,
    • And to always wash their hands after
  6. …and Steer Clear of these Don’ts
    • Don’t embarrass, threaten or punish them if they have an accident;
    • Don’t dress them in difficult clothing to remove
    • Don’t use words like “dirty” or “stinky”

Good Luck!

How To Potty Train Your Kid: Toilet Training Tips For Toddlers

It is important to initiate potty training when your child is developmentally ready. Make them an active participant in the training process and allow them to learn at their own pace. A consistent training schedule, tons of praise and rewards, and lots of patience and positivity are key to successful potty training.