Another great guide from our friends at Curejoy on how to wean your child properly.  They offer the following 10 points to weaning.  Click on the article below to read in detail. 

  1. Don’t wean too soon
  2. Don’t mistake a nursing strike means your baby wants to wean
  3. Don’t rush into weaning
  4. Monitor your baby’s weight
  5. Choose a cup over a bottle
  6. Stop solids if your baby tries to expel food
  7. Give complementary food properly
  8. Watch for signs your baby is ready
  9. Use natural weaning foods
  10. Find what works for you

How To Wean Your Child The Right Way

Are you daunted by the thought of weaning your baby? It can be hard to shift your little one from breastfeeding to liquid or semi-solid foods. Yet, it’s an important and necessary change that marks a new stage of their life and development.