For many getting up early in the morning is a real battle. Especially in winter when it’s dark outside and typically cold. Your warm and cozy bed pulls you back like a magnet at each and every attempt to listen to your alarm and finally get out of it. The sound of your alarm is simply a noise you ignore, it feels stressful, unnatural…and ineffective. You just turn it off and cuddle in your blanket. This alarm, however, is designed to simulate the soft light of the sunrise that gradually changes from a deep red to orange-ish, to a bright yellow. The light adjustment helps your body gradually switch to a waking up mode. The alarm sounds are all gentle and inspired by nature (like Zen Garden and Seaside Sounds). The alarm also has a Sunset function that does the opposite – the orange light softly dims into red reminding your body to relax and prepare for night sleep.

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I Tried Waking Up To A Sunrise Simulating Alarm Every Morning-Here’s What Happened

Waking up during the winter is tough. I’m usually cold, the shades are drawn tightly, and I have to set my alarm earlier than the sun to make my commute to work on time. In short, I’m in full-on hibernation mode, and when the alarm goes off on my iPhone, I want to throw it across the room and go back to sleep.