The Global Impact Investing Network has just released a report that provides anecdotal and practical guide for investors to have a meaningful impact after they exit.  Impact investing is not about investors trying to extract as much value out of a venture for short term shareholder gains, rather it is to leave with the venture in a better way than before, a win-win scenario.  The venture should have the necessary resources, capabilities, and management to be be able to grow successfully after the investor has exited.

New GIIN Report Helps Investors Ensure Sustainable Impact After Exit

According to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)’s 2016 Impact Investor Survey, more than 80% of impact investors believe that they have a responsibility to try to ensure continuity of impact after exit. Through over 30 interviews with investors and entrepreneurs, GIIN’s latest report highlights the strategies investors employ throughout the life of their investments to ensure the sustainability of the impact they strive to create.

You can read the report here:

Lasting Impact: The Need for Responsible Exits

Lasting Impact: The Need for Responsible Exits demonstrates why and how investors attempt to safeguard the continuity of their investments’ impact beyond exit. The report draws on insights from interviews with over 30 investors and entrepreneurs and outlines practical approaches to achieving responsible exits. Four case studies provide in-depth examples of responsible exits from impact investments.