A healthy body before, during and after pregnancy is essential for the well-being and development of your healthy baby. But how about your spirit, your psychological well-being, your mental state? It is as vital for the wellness of both mom and baby during (and after) pregnancy. How does a mom-to-be achieve that piece of mind? Meditation, research says.

Recent studies show that mindfulness meditation can help women manage pregnancy-related stress, help prevent preterm birth, and help them cope with the fears of childbirth. This article explains the positive effects of prenatal meditation in three correlated aspects:

Meditation Promotes a Healthier Birth Process

  1. Decreases risk of premature birth
  2. Boosts Immunity
  3. Helps deal with childbirth fears
  4. A method for labor pain relief
  5. Helps manage symptoms of insomnia

The Emotional Benefits

  1. Decreases risk of prenatal depression and anxiety
  2. Lowers the level of the stress hormone Cortisol
  3. Helps women cope with uncertainty
  4. Regulates emotions
  5. Helps cope with stress

Physical and Emotional Benefits In the Post-Partum Period

  1. Improves Sleep Quality for New Parents
  2. Increases Milk Production
  3. Enhances Stress Tolerance
  4. Increases Parental Well-being, thus,  increasing positive interactions between new parents and their babies

In the article below you can read more about these science-based benefits of meditation.

Meditating While Pregnant Has Positive Effects for Baby + Mother, Scientists Say

BY DR. JULI FRAGA photo: melancholie photocase.com There’s nothing quite as profound as the journey toward motherhood. Over the course of nine months, a woman’s body undergoes countless physical transformations-her belly expands to make space for her growing baby, her breasts change as they prepare to make milk after delivery, and her ligaments soften to prepare for giving birth.