Technology breakthrough from Heatworks and design team Frog Design, this plug-and-play countertop dishwasher is a space saver and a water saver.  Utilizing Heatwork’s Ohmic Array technology uses graphite electrodes instead of traditional heating methods to heat the water.  In addition to the efficient water heating technology, sectional design that divides the stainless steel base into three compartments; (i) filled by hand with tap water and dish soap, (ii) sprayer and heating components, (iii) holds the grey water to drain after the washing cycle.  The Tetra dish washer simply plugs into an electrical socket, uses only 1/2 gallon of tap water, and takes only 10 mins to complete a cycle.

Jerry Callahan, CEO and founder of Heatworks, explained in a press release:

Our research indicates that although the average household is comprised of 2.58 people, the modern dishwasher holds place settings for 13 or more. This makes people believe that they either need to hand wash their few dirty dishes — which wastes 10 times more water than using a dishwasher — or wait for a fill load to run a cycle. With Tetra, we hope to change people’s mindset.

Jerry suggests a two-person household that switches from hand washing dishes to Tetra dishwasher could save 1,500 gallons of water per year.  The dishwasher is designed to hold up to 10 plates and glasses, about the two place settings, as opposed to a normal dishwasher that can hold 12 place settings.  Will retail for about US$300.