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Water bottles to keep you hydrated, with filtration systems to purify the water-on-the-go.

Bottle Bright Biodegradable All natural Effervescent Bottle Cleaning Tablets

No scrubbing required – perfect for cleaning stainless steel bottles and mugs, hydration reservoirs, coolers, dishes at camp, hard to clean plastic containers and bottles
Removes stubborn stains and odors giving your water bottle a new and fresh look
Biodegradable; chlorine free; all-natural and environmentally safe (no contest against other bleach based Cleaners)


GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

Ideal for global traveling, outdoor adventures, emergency preparedness, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, survival
Fast and easy-to-use, simply Fill. Press. Drink.TM No sucking, squeezing, pumping, prolonged waiting, ultraviolet bulbs, or batteries
Award winning [ONE PRESS] design makes clean, purified drinking water in only 15 seconds from virtually any fresh water source in the world


Essential Life Accessories

LifeStraw Water Bottle + Filter


LifeStraw Water Bottle + Filter

23-ounce water bottle with integrated replaceable LifeStraw filters up to 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of water down to 0.2 Microns
Leak-proof bottle made of BPA-free Tritan can be re-used indefinitely, simply purchase a replacement filter when the filter has reached capacity
Surpasses EPA standards for removing E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts, and many other waterborne contaminants