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We have carefully selected and vetted companies that represent the new sustainable marketplace and NaturaLiving values.

Aqua Tru Countertop Water Filter

The most advanced  consumer-level countertop water purifier available.  All of the benefits of a reverse osmosis system in a self-contained elegant case, without the plumbing installation.

Click Here to Visit AquTru’s Website to Learn More and Buy.

Earth Runners Sandals

Utilizing Minimalist Vibram® soles, Hemp Earth-Grip footbed & our grounded conductive lacing systemoffering the ultimate minimalist sandal experience. Inspired by the ancient Tarahumara huarache sandals, Earth Runners combine the barefoot benefits of earthing shoes with the functionality of minimalist running sandals.

SoWell Himalayan Salt Lamps

To understand the benefit of amber salt lights, think about a moment when you took a breath of fresh air and felt instantly relaxed. Now you can have that feeling all the time in your bedroom, office and living space. So Well’s Amber Salt Lights ionize the surrounding air, oxygenating it, which recreate this same experience in your daily environment.

Our skilled artisans craft all of our salt products by hand at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Because all So Well’s products are created with the highest standard in international fair trade agreements, you can rest easy knowing that you are supporting our talented artisans, while enriching your environment with the negative ions released by these unique salt lamps.


VIVO Barefoot

Sustainable. Ethical. Minimalist.

Footwear made for your feet, in an ethical manner, with sustainability in all aspects of the sourcing and production.