Originally conceived as a store offering only the best natural and innovative products, the NaturaLiving platform is expanding beyond its’ original mandate as inspiration hits… we are passionate about the environment and advocating for sustainable lifestyles.  The most sustainable action is Do It Yourself, and we have a whole section dedicated to this, however not all things are easily or practical to make at home.  In the spirit of NaturaLiving, we search far and wide to find the exceptional and unique products by companies that we believe in.  We encourage you to browse the reviews below, visit the websites, and tell us your thoughts. 

Disclaimer (you knew this was coming, right?) most, but not all, of the products and companies below NaturaLiving has an affiliate agreement with that earn us a little bit of commission.  This commission isn’t much, but helps pay for the content creation and platform development .  We are against using advertising on this website as we can not control which ads appear, and therefore can not endorse those companies or products.  Besides we hate advertising clutter, and it feels kinda sleezy to us.  So we hope we will be able to generate enough revenue from commissions on products and companies that we believe in to keep this site growing… ad free.   Thanks.

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