If you are struggling to keep your lawn lush while not wasting this scarce natural resource called water, smart irrigation might just be what you need. Skydrop Smart Irrigation Controller is a wall-mounted device that connects directly to your existing sprinkler system. You can input the exact specifications of your lawn or garden, including data about soil type, plant type, and sprinkler type. Then, the controller automatically adjusts its water cycle to provide optimal irrigation. The device is also Wi-Fi connected and receives and incorporates local weather data to adjust the watering schedule accordingly. For example, if there is a rainstorm forecast, the controller will change the irrigation schedule and reduce your water use to maintain optimal soil moisture.

The EPA estimates that smart auto sprinkler systems like the Skydrop system could save an average home over 8,800 gallons of water annually. On a larger scale, Skydrop could potentially save the US over 120 billion gallons of water per year, amounting to over $435 million in savings, if implemented nationally.

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Smart Irrigation: Saving Water and Money with Skydrop – Amigoenergy.com – promotions

by Amigo Energy | June 22, 2017 Improving the efficiency of your home can be as easy as using your smartphone. With home automation, it’s possible to set timers on everything from your air conditioning to your living room lamps.

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