Imagine you could get around the intensive, industrial agriculture and grow your own fresh and clean produce? In your backyard? Or on your balcony? MyFood has developed smart solar aquaponic greenhouses to help you cultivate your own food off-grid. The technology has been designed so that anyone, even people with zero agriculture experience, can operate it and be able to grow their own produce locally. MyFood offers two models: Family22 greenhouse is 22 square meters and perfectly fits your backyard, while City is a smaller option that could be installed on your apartment balcony.

The technology

The greenhouses feature solar panels and a rainwater collection system. Inside the greenhouse, fish swimming around the base of vertical towers fertilize the vegetables growing It is also supplied with smart structures to control the climate to guarantee success. An app enables families to remotely monitor the greenhouse.

The company employs a 4-step approach:

  • Regenerate your soil by covering it with a layer of compost and organic wood.
  • Create self-fertile beds (Permaculture Bed) in the garden with a lively soil mix and biochar to increase your production.
  • Adopt some fish and integrate vertical aquaponic towers to complete the system.
  • Install a smart greenhouse that regulates the climate of your garden and connects you with up-to-date information.

“Many people seem to believe that food autonomy is out of reach. Some lack knowledge, some lack space, while others lack clear information,” Mickaël Gandecki, Core Team Member September 2015, POC21

Solar-powered aquaponic greenhouses grow up to 880 lbs of produce each year

View Slideshow Fresh produce – ideally grown locally right in your backyard – is essential to a healthy diet, but with scores of people either lacking the space, time, or knowledge to cultivate their own food, for many that ideal simply isn’t attainable. Enter French company Myfood.