It is not difficult to connect with Nature if you shape your attitude (and home) in praise of and with respect for Nature.

An example of bio-architecture or organic architecture, this amazing home has been designed to match the organic shape and curves of a seashell. It was designed by architect Javier Senosiain for a young couple in Mexico City who craved a home that follows nature’s principles of design. The Nautilus House resembles a giant organism. You will see no sharp corners inside of it, it is full of natural light and mild filtered light passing through a beautiful wall of stained glass.

The experience is so natural and surrealistic at the same time. While walking between the unparalleled walls and the flowing curves of his structures you have a feeling that the building is emerging from the ground itself. This effect is achieved with ferrocement which has the “advantage of offering continuity between the ground plane, walls and roof”.

In the video below Senosiain explains the origin of his designs and shows the construction process behind the Nautilus House:

Images: © Arquitectura Organica

Stunning home is a giant inhabitable seashell for humans (Video)

While angular, orthogonal spaces are generally cheaper and easier to build, many people find organic shapes more pleasing to the senses, probably because it imparts a subtle connection to nature. Mexican architect Javier Senosiain’s work in what he calls “bio-architecture” arises from his belief that organic forms connect us back to our roots of living in harmony — rather than in conflict — with nature.

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