Pregnancy inevitably brings with it a mix of emotions and changes. Including changes to your body. Each pregnancy is unique. Some women can still comfortably fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes until the third trimester. For others, changes start to be noticeable as early as the beginning of the second trimester or so. At one point or another, you’ll need to welcome the maternity wardrobe. But how to make smart choices and not invest too much in clothes that you’ll (hopefully) wear for only a few months up to a year? It is especially valid if you don’t plan another baby in the next few years.

To make your investment as sustainable as possible, you can follow a few steps:

Accept hands-on

Ask around friends who have recently had a baby. They might have a few outfits that match your size and style. Then, you can hand on to another pregnant friend.

Belly band could become your best friend

If you don’t know what it is, I’ll tell you right away. This is a simple solution – an elastic band covering your belly and the upper part of your jeans that allows you to keep wearing your high-quality sustainable pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned. It allows some space for your growing belly if you otherwise fit in them. It looks like a layered camisole. It is not universally applicable, but it can definitely help a lot at least in the first and second trimester.

Second-Hand Websites

Browse second-hand websites, you might find hidden treasures, high-quality clothes at low cost.

Sew You Own

That is maybe one of the best options if you are skilled with a sewing machine and have the time for it. You can get inspiration from the many DIY ideas on Pinterest. You can find good ideas how to upcycle non-maternity clothing into new, bump-friendly pieces.

If you still decide to invest…

If you are willing to invest in new maternity clothes, choose carefully. Natural materials only, from organic fair-trade certified manufacturers.

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