Doing your part for sustainable energy can literally be your next step. А new kind of sustainable energy technology incorporated in floor tiles generates electricity by channeling the power of footsteps.  Pavegen floor tiles capture the kinetic energy from human footfall traffic. When you step on the surface of the tile it flexes up to one centimeter down, driving an energy-storing flywheel inside the tile. It spins to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. The latest generation of Pavegen tile, V3, is triangular with a generator in each corner. It generates 5 continuous watts of power as you walk across it.

Is it efficient enough to power your home? No, not yet. “The very basic physics of it is pressure times the deformation of the material,” says David Horsley, a mechanical and aerospace engineer at UC Davis. “You’re not going to get very much for a step, considering you can get 100 watts from a square meter of solar paneling.” (Source)

The real value of this innovative product is it makes your contribution to sustainable energy tangible. Especially with new data-analytics features incorporated. Imagine you walk on a path and music starts playing or lights go up. It’s all in your footsteps. If Pavegen tiles were constantly underfoot – and connected to your phone – you could track how much energy you produce personally. It has a huge potential to make people more aware of their production and consumption patterns or even reward them for that. Though futuristic it may sound, Pavegen have already completed over 150 projects around the world, across various sectors including train stations, shopping centers in London, airports (Heathrow Airport) and public spaces like soccer pitches in Brazil and Nigeria.

Watch the videos below to learn more about how the system works and what the ambitions of its inventor and Pavegen CEO and Founder are:

The Best New Green Energy Tech Could Be Right Underfoot

As Fitbit users like to point out, walking burns a lot of calories. But the energy you expend doing it ceases to be useful after your sneakers hit pavement. That’s where Pavegen CEO and Founder Laurence Kemball-Cook saw room to create a new kind of sustainable energy technology.

Pavegen – About

Pavegen generates electricity from footsteps and captures data within the urban environment.