Path of Righteousness

What is Dharma? In Hinduism Dharma is about living life in harmony and in accordance with the laws of the Universe, a moral duty.  More specifically, the root word of dharma is “dhri” which means “to support, hold, or bear”.  This is the binding principle that regulates change through the journey of life, which according to Hinduism follows four stages:

  1. Student – preparation for life
  2. Householder – maintainer of family and social roles
  3. Forest-dweller – transition from mundane world to natural world for reflection
  4. Spiritual – renunciation of the mundane, freedom from material possessions, and devotion to spiritual matters.

(source: Wikipedia)

Dharma Type

We each have a role in supporting the dharma in maintaining the natural order of the Universe.  The dharma type is what your “sacred duty” is.  This is your calling.  Dharma types are categorized as follows:

  • Outsider
  • Laborer
  • Educator
  • Warrior
  • Merchant

Take this self-quiz to learn about your dharma type and what that means for you.

The 5 Spiritual Dharma Types: Take the Quiz to Discover Your Unique Path

Below you will find a test to help you discover your dharma type. Choose the answers that describe you best; you can choose up to four for each multiple choice question if you are unable to decide.