In a huge percentage of literature, web articles (and in real life) the focus is often on the otherearthly bond between baby and mother, on the child’s needs and the new mother’s emotions leaving just a little space on the background of this beautiful picture for the role the father plays in the equation. That’s why it is so important to emphasize the fact that fatherhood is not merely a backup function. Psychologists and family therapists admit to the psychological significance of fathers in the development and mental health of a child.

This video posted by Full Frontal Fatherhood, featuring Julian Redwood, a Marriage and Family Therapist, illustrates the psychological benefits of having a third person in the family interact and build a connection with the child.

  • The figure of the father teaches the child individuality and choice. It prevents mother and child from becoming too obsessed with their relationship, prevents them from becoming overly merged and from losing their identity. The father-child relationship shows the child he or she has the freedom to choose to be with someone else, interact with someone else and still be him- or herself and be good and needs be met. This is a way for the Child Self to emerge from the mother-child oneness (though vital for a child’s development in its essence) and build their own sense of individuality. Seeing mom and dad provide for each other “releases” the child from the duty to provide for the mother.
  • The father figure (or the figure of the third person in modern or single parent families) allows a child to be exposed to more than just one point of view or have one primary character reference. The child encounters both masculine and feminine associated qualities and can incorporate them into their personality. This is a prerequisite for a mental balance and better interpersonal skills and healthy relationships.
  • It teaches the child about the real world. The world is not only the safe and nurturing mother-baby bubble. Obstacles, difficulties, challenges, vulnerabilities, disappointments do exist and the child needs to know about it and learn how to deal with it.



The Psychological Importance Of A Dad

Motherhood often takes precedence over fatherhood when it comes to rearing a child, but did you know that a father plays an equally important psychological role in the upbringing of a child? A video posted by Full Frontal Fatherhood 1, featuring Julian Redwood, emphasized that the role of a dad in[…..]