Meet Rasa! Rasa is a compact, lightweight, two-seat hydrogen EV that emits just water. It is a project by automobile engineer Hugo Spowers and his independent car company, Riversimple. Rasa features a motor in each wheel and weighs just over 1,200 pounds (compared to around 1220 pounds just for the battery of an 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack in the Tesla Model). Ditching the battery for a hydrogen-powered system, it only takes up to three minutes to completely refuel the vehicle and it only emits water.

The Technology

Compressed hydrogen runs through fuel cells and combines with oxygen to create electricity. It powers a motor in each of the four wheels. In addition, the EV is equipped with regenerative braking with supercapacitors. When the vehicle is stopping, this kinetic energy converts into usable power.

Do Hydrogen Vehicles Have A Future?

Rasa has a comparable range and fueling speed as a traditional vehicle and that’s a huge benefit. But it suffers lack of infrastructure to support it. All attention is on the battery revolution now. Hopefully, this technology will be given the chance to at least become a compliment to the battery-powered version.

“What we have here is novel and sophisticated in engineering terms. A fuel cell provides electrical energy while emitting only water. Ultra-capacitors store that energy. Four-wheel motors provide drive and recuperation. A carbon tub keeps weight down, and a honed design cuts drag.” Paul Horrell/ TOP GEAR/ Photography: Simon Thompson
Rasa hydrogen EV
Image Source: Twitter

This Compact Car Runs On Hydrogen And Emits Just Water

This Compact Car Runs On Hydrogen And Emits Just Water Automobile engineer Hugo Spowers believes that battery-powered electric vehicles won’t be the only attractive option on the market for buyers who are eco-conscious. It’s why he and his independent car company, Riversimple, have been building a lightweight hydrogen EV that emits just water.

This Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car wants to save the world

A small company in Wales is reinventing clean motoring. Top Gear investigates We’ve departed a small workshop on a small industrial estate on the edge of a small Welsh town. I’m driving a tadpole-shaped prototype across a quiet moorland road. You could laugh and say this is way too alternative to change the world.


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