The Smartflower is a plug-and-play photovoltaic system for residential use that is based on the movement of a sunflower tracking the sun throughout the day.

The Smartflower opens up in morning sun and orients with the sun always at the optimal angle to the sun thereby generating 40% more energy than traditional rooftop panels.  In the evening and in high winds, the Smartflower automatically closes up and folds down.

The system also solves another problem that impacts other solar systems, cleaning.  Every time the unit folds up, there is a cleaning system that brushes off each panel. This solution with it’s potability, ease of installation, and efficiency is a great solution for rural locations.  The system has an electricity creating capacity of 4,000 – 6,2000 KWh per year, enough for a household.  Advanced models also include storage batteries for after daylight and emergency “off the grid” use.

The Revolutionary Solar “Flower” Will Be Available in the U.S. This Month

Solar energy is getting even more buzz lately, with Tesla’s new solar shingles hitting the market this month and Route 66 scheduled for a solar panel makeover. But a new product from an Austrian company could soon revolutionize the way we harness and use energy in our homes.

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