Human Civilization Footprint

We talk about each person’s carbon footprint, zero-waste, how much trash is produced by an average person, according to the article below, is 1.2 kilograms/person/day.  Consider there are 7 billion people and growing, and this adds up fast.  Further consider the rising middle class in nations like China and India that are adding millions to the consumer throw-away culture accelerating our trash.  So how waste by all of us combined… based on a study produced in The Anthropocene Review estimates 30 TRILLION TONS.  How much is that?  Roughly 110 lbs. (50 kilos) of human-made trash per square meter of Earth surface.

Which countries produce the most waste?

The amount of urban waste being produced is growing faster than the rate of urbanisation, according to the World Bank’s report What a Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management. By …

We Finally Know the Immense Weight of Humanity’s Footprint

It should be obvious to everyone at this point that humans are having an enormous impact on the planet. But how much, exactly, does our collective footprint weigh? It may sound odd, but a new scientific paper is offering an answer to that very question: a staggering 30 trillion tons.

Read the report here:

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