Modern world is overwhelmed…overwhelmed by consumerism, overwhelmed by possessions and artificially created needs. This leads to a chaos that creates more stress in our routines. Stress that could be avoided. What’s worse, we as adults, as parents, project this chaos in the lives of our children. We resort to “convenience parenting” that uses all material tools possible to keep the children busy or keep them distracted from taking up all of our time. By doing this, we do not do them a favor. We steal some time for ourselves and give them an evasive moment of joy and satisfaction. Children don’t need all the latest toys on the market in order to learn and develop their potentials. They need play (play does not necessarily mean a pile of toys), they need calm and…even moments of boredom. The author of the article below Denaye Barahona, Ph.D. in Child Development, reveals her secret to a harmonious and happy family life – minimalism.

“Minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of all your stuff. It’s about focusing your family on what really matters in life,” she says.


Holidays are not about gifts. We’ve shifted the real meaning of holidays and traded family time for consumer goods. Life, love, religion, family – those are the real gifts, they bring the real meaning and real value. Children should learn that from you and the example you give.

Family Time

Have dinner together, spend weekends with nothing planned to do. Because nothing planned, means more devoted time with your loved ones, “more time to intimately connect with family”.

A Healthy Diet

Allowing your kids to mindlessly eat around the clock, munching snacks all the time, is not the best you can do for them. Trade prepared food and snacks for “real” food, for locally grown produce. Do your best to instill in your children healthy eating habits and routine – teach them to sit at the table and mindfully eat.

Time Spent Outdoors Is Essential

Not only do outdoor activities save your children from the threats of a sedentary life spent with an electronic device – a TV, tablet or smartphone. Nature teaches about life. Nature teaches beauty and respect to all living creatures. Playing outdoors shows your children how important it is to be conscious about the environment. It is the best way to teach them sustainability, on the field.

Conscious Consumerism

Buy intentionally. Children need toys. But toys that have been carefully chosen to boost creativity and grow with your children. Classic, sustainable toys.

Trade Chaos For Calm

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Why Kids Need Minimalism | Simple Families

As a child, I had the type of closet that you opened at your own risk. Because when you opened that door, only God knew what barrage of toys, clothes, and “stuff” would come barreling forth. I didn’t know it then, but as a kid-I needed minimalism.

The 6 Reasons Your Kids Need Fewer Toys : Getting Started With Toy Minimalism | Simple Families

Last year I got rid of the toys for the benefit of my children. I call it toy minimalism, and let me tell you, my kids have gained so much in the process. I know this because I spend time loitering around the train table at Barnes & Noble.

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