Babies take about 15-20 minutes before falling into a deep sleep.  Crying is a newborn’s natural way to communicate with its’ mother and caregiver, if the baby is put down before it enters a deep sleep, the baby can easily be awoken and will sense separation for its’ mother, thus the feeling of abandonment.  For the first 6-8 months the newborn is entirely dependent on the mother for protection and does not yet have the understanding that even if separation, the mother is close by to offer protection.

What can you do

Hold and cuddle your baby to give them the sense of love and protection, and make sure not to put them down until they are fully in a deep sleep.

Why Your Baby Cries Soon After You Put Them To Sleep

Putting your baby to sleep feels like a accomplishing a milestone. Suddenly, you remember having a number of errands to run and as soon as you tip toe away to the other room, you hear a squeak, followed by endless crying. When only your arms and cuddle can console your[…..]