Not just your ordinary giant fan, wind turbines are innovating new ways to harness this energy.  From bladeless, to vortex, to windbelts, the new ways inventors are utilizing the wind.

Six innovative wind turbine designs

The world’s first typhoon turbine was invented by Atsushi Shimizu to tap into the massive amounts of energy contained within storms common to his homeland of Japan. He estimates the energy stored in one typhoon could power the nation for 50 years, if only it could be harnessed.

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Saphon Zero Blade technology

New Bladeless Wind Turbine Claimed to be Twice as Efficient as Conventional Designs

When it comes to the future of wind power, one company thinks it looks a lot different than you would expect, and cheaper and more efficient to boot. Saphon, out of Tunisia, is interested in finding partners to mass-produce and market their unique wind energy device, based on their own Zero Blade technology.


Utilizing piezoelectric to harness wind energy in windbelt technology.

Humdinger Wind Energy’s Tiny Turbine Is Ten Times More Efficient

It’s tough work to find a small scale wind energy charger that works. While we’ve seen innovative designs pop up over the last few years, it’s simply difficult to get enough wind coming through such a little device to charge devices. However, thanks to a

Flower Turbines

The world’s most
beautiful wind turbines

Making vertical axis wind turbines beautiful.

Solar Aero

Solar Aero Develops Bladeless, Tesla-Inspired Wind Turbine

Credit: Solar Aero. Granted, this doesn’t look like much. This wind turbine, developed by Solar Aero Research of Greenville, New Hampshire, doesn’t have blades. It doesn’t look like a wind turbine, with majestic white arms spinning in the blue sky. Maybe that’s a little biased of a statement.