You don’t need to push during birth. That is a bold concept (come on, women are taught they need to push, that is just part of the process, or is it?). This bold concept has been introduced by a new midwife-led programme designed by staff at Medway Foundation Trust in Kent. The initiative has cut the incidence of traumatic tearing from seven percent to just one percent of patients.

How did that happen?

In short, by following natural instincts. Nine in ten women suffer some degree of vaginal tearing during childbirth. The increased damage rates in past decades are partially a result of an ever-growing number of medical interventions involved in childbirth and of limiting the natural body movement and urge by advising women to lay on their back during delivery.

The new program advises women not to push and push and push harder by command. But instead, slow down delivery by breathing through contractions and wait for the natural urge to push (it comes after all). It discourages women to give birth laying on their back and advises them to change positions, move freely, stand upright or give birth on their knees. Midwives are not pulling out the baby when the head is out, they are rather supporting its weight, thus, lowering pressure on the perineum.

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Thousands of women could be saved from injuries thanks to a new programme Nine in ten women suffer some form of tearing during childbirth, but in more serious cases the injuries mothers can suffer lifelong nerve problems Medway Trust aims to dispel misconception that women in labour need to push Encourages mothers-to-be to slow down during delivery and consider positions Thousands of women could be saved from debilitating injuries thanks to a new midwife-led programme that aims to dispel the misconception that women in labour need to push.

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